ESCVS program

Wednesday 22 June

Room vive



Moderator: Quentin Desiron

  • 08:00 Atherectomy with drug-eluting balloon for common femoral artery occlusive disease: short term experience. Arnaud Kerzmann
  • 08:06 The role of the nexus aortic arch system in reducing neurological events after aortic arch repair. Paul Hayes
  • 08:12 Renal function after endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Arnaud Kerzmann
  • 08:18 End of life care and advance care planning for outpatients with inoperable abdominal aortic aneurysms ? A retrospective cohort study. Henry Davies, Marie Joé Vleugels
  • 08:24 Anesthetic management of patients with ruptured aortic aneurysm. Jelena Varnai-Canak
  • 08:30 Explantation vs graft preserving strategy following primary endovascular aneurysm repair: two decades of evar and lessons learned. Sherif Sultan
  • 08:36 The results of treatment and testing of the developed method of complex treatment of wounds and trophic ulcers based on the our experience of treatment of wounded with military trauma. Yulia Nahaliuk
  • 08:42 Multisystemic presentation of may-thurner syndrome involving cardiovascular, genitourinary, gynecologic, neurologic, orhthopedic, and gastrointestinal symptoms that improves or resolve after intervention: a single-center experience of a 289-patient analys. Kurtis Kim
  • 08:48 Factors affecting patency of in situ saphenous vein bypass: 2-year results from limbsave (treatment of critical limb ischemia with infragenicular bypass adopting in situ saphenous vein technique) registry. Nicola Troisi
  • 08:54 Non-reversed bifurcated vein graft improves time to healing in ischemic patients undergoing lower limb distal bypass. Nicola Troisi
  • 09:00 Endoscopy biopsy forceps as tool for iliac covered stent removal. Nicola Troisi
  • 09:06 Comparison of intra-abdominal pressure levels in patients undergoing open surgery vs. Evar. Sefer Usta
  • 09:12 Carotid endarterectomy (cea) in urgently admitted symptomatic patients. Paola Wiesel
  • 09:18 Total endovascular repair of an aneurysmal aberrant right subclavian artery using a custom made aortic arch prosthesis. Georgios Sachsamanis


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