Educational grants

Since January 2018, MedTech Europe regulations have prohibited member companies from directly sponsoring physicians to attend third-party organized educational events.

Restricted educational grants may be provided to conference sponsors to help off-set registration, travel and hotel costs for participants wishing to attend to the congress.

Our Industry Partners can issue us with an educational grant and we, the congress organizer, will select recipients based on criteria set by the Industry Partner. Companies will be able to define the type of recipients eligible for the grant but not name individual recipients. Grants will cover the cost of registration, accommodation during the conference, and travel expenses.

Educational grants must be publicly disclosed, ensuring increased transparency of funds allocated to medical education.

Divine [id] is a PCO and is an Ethical MedTech Trusted Partner, the certification initiative launched by Ethical MedTech (MedTech Europe’s compliance portal), emphasizing our commitment to comply with the industry’s ethical standards.

⸻ MedTech Code

In line with the new Code, Industry partners wishing to sponsor participants attendance to educational events must comply with an indirect sponsorship scheme. Sponsorship is to be offered in the form of Educational Allowances attributed through third parties, such as divine [id].

As a trusted partner we are entitled to receive funds from Industry Partners and allocate Educational Allowances to participants.

In order to submit and Educational Grant and receive the Grant process, please contact Marine Balandras (

If you wish to access detailed information about the new Code, you might refer to

⸻ Industry partner

I’m an industry partner and would like to offer an educational grant for physicians to attend this congress – What is next?

We offer a competitive package for Industry Partners, allowing them to offer grants for a chosen number of physicians from selected MedTech Europe countries.

Please contact Marine Balandras for further information:

Marine Balandras
Grant Officer
+33(0) 4 91 01 21 00

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