ESCVS program

Thursday 23 June

Room pieds légers



Moderators: Vladislav Podpalov, Karel Houdek

08:00 Type A intramural hematoma: a pathology of controversy
08:00 A case of retrograde type A intramural hematoma. Stefan Ducic | See presentation
08:10 Challenges in TAIMH management: current data. Petroula Nana | See presentation
08:20 Discussion-Questions

08:35 Endovascular repair of the arch
08:35 Customized devices and solutions-the encouraging up today experience. Gian Antonio Boschetti | See presentation
08:45 Novelties in the open approach of the arch. Vladislav Podpalov | See presentation
08:55 Discussion-Questions

09:10 Women in vascular surgery: EVST meeting ESCVS meeting
09:10 Abdominal aortic aneurysm. Alexander Croo | See presentation
09:20 Peripheral disease.
09:30 Discussion-Questions

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